Thank you for your kindness during this process. I have felt in very goods hands at this time.  – Cecelia

…thank you so much for all you have done for me. I couldn’t have gone through everything I did without you! You are so compassionate and caring.  – Ophelia

Thanks again for being so caring and talented. Your support is really helping me through this difficult time.  – Carol

I’m so glad I met you, in fact I think because of my endorphins, my hair is starting to grow back – yay! Anyhow, I’ll hang onto my “Penelope” (name of my brain tumor) wiglet for when I need a shiny, cute, extra touch. Thanks again, now go treat yourself! Your forever grateful customer. – Liz

I can’t thank you enough! – Lynn

Thank you so much for the tweaking you did on my beautiful hair. I love it! Thanks for being the delightful person you are.  – Cecelia

Thank you so much for your incredible kindness and sensitivity for all of us who seek your help as we stumble down the path of learning to deal with chemotherapy and body image changes! You are a true angel.  – Sue

Thank you so much Lynn! I feel like myself again! – Ophelia

Thank you so much for putting a smile on my face. Your spirit continues to warm my heart. – Nicky

Thank you so much for all your help finding a wig, and for the cute bangs. They have made the wig much easier for daily wear. I look forward to coming back to get a trim for my “other” hair. It’s coming in now – slowly but surely. – Jennifer

I just wanted to first of all send you a belated thanks.  I saw you in 2018 right before I started chemo, and I have to say that you made one of the worst moments in my life better.  You made me laugh and I left with a smile and at that time that was so important to me.  I had so many compliments on my wig, and some people didn’t even know it was a wig!! – Kellie